Utilizing data to visualize the real estate landscape

Content Strategy

3D Design

Data Visualization



Situated in the center of Cushman & Wakefield’s new Washington, D.C. headquarters, a stunning digital canvas over 24’ in length serves as the artistic focal point of the office. This permanent installation was designed with both visitor and employee in mind, as the content is both visually stunning and dynamically driven so as to never once look the same. The generative content library at the heart of this installation is fueled by real-time data that reflects Cushman & Wakefield's vast array of international real estate services.


The Data Landscape

We rooted our conceptual exploration in visualizing the ever-evolving real estate landscape. Using relevant industry and environmental data, our team was able to fuel how the content behaves. Our integration of real-time data visualization aids in the longevity of the installation and ensures content doesn’t grow stagnant over time.


Technical Approach

Next/Now developed a software toolkit that utilized Derivative's TouchDesigner, Unreal Engine 5, 10bit FX’s Notch, Maxon's Cinema 4D, and Adobe's After Effects and Photoshop. By working across multiple platforms, the team was able to harness the strengths of each and create a work that is more beautiful than ever.


The Result

Next/Now’s collaboration with the Cushman & Wakefield team showcased a seamless integration of art and technology, serving as a stunning centerpiece to a future-forward workplace.