A deliciously immersive Web AR experience

  • Content Strategy
  • Web AR
  • 3D
  • Animation
  • Analytics

Our immersive Morton Salt AR experience utilized an animated cast of leftover fruits and veggies enacting playful scenes accompanied by delicious and easy recipes. We created more than ten unique scenes shared between the two apps, showcasing high-quality 3D renders and intricate animations between each scene. What resulted was one of the most in-depth and graphically detailed WebAR experiences to date.


Playful Activations

Customers can instantly access the AR experience by scanning a QR code on specially marked Morton products with their smartphone, which opens a “salt portal” in their physical world space. Revealed is an animated cast of leftover fruits and veggies enacting playful scenes, including “couch” potatoes watching TV, a vacationing grapefruit and onions doing yoga. A delicious and easy recipe accompanies each skit to repurpose the forgotten food.


No Barriers

Powered by 8th Wall’s technology, our experience is accessible in the browser, so no app is required.


The Result

Our hard work showed in the results; we racked up thousands of combined pageviews with over 1:30 average playtime in the first week of release, providing a high level of engagement throughout a successful campaign.