Two people standing in the center of a small room with a glowing blue image of an airplane engine covering all three walls

Airshop: An experience center built for boundless innovation.

Concept Development

2D & 3D Design

Projection Mapping

Experience Design

Motion Design

Custom CMS

Next/Now's creative collaboration with United Airlines continues with the design and development of the Airshop innovation center. Created in partnership with Airshop visionary Mark Chowaniec, our immersive experience reimagines what's possible in aviation innovation through stunning visual storytelling, projection mapping, and multiple interactive content modes. Built with innovation and adaptability in mind, we developed an experience framework that evolves alongside the needs of the innovation center as a whole.

Custom CMS

Our custom content management system features several content modules for both development and demonstration purposes. With the ability to control modules through a tablet, users have the flexibility to conduct the room from any vantage point necessary.

A woman holding an iPad in front of a large screen, both showing images of an airplane engine model with red and purple hues
The silhouette of a woman in front of a bright blue image depicting a fantastical neon runway inside an endless tunnel

Iterative, Modular, and Ever-Evolving

The immersive theatre was developed distinctly with innovation and evolution in mind. The modular, highly-compatible CMS software allows for nearly any form of content feature. As the innovation center grows and user needs shift, modes can be added, updated, and reimplemented quickly and remotely so as never to hinder the space from being utilized to its fullest.

Woman in silhouette in front of a large green glowing image of an airplane engine CAD drawing
A woman's hand typing the words "How can we" into a tablet that controls the larger image in front of her
One person, blurred, standing in silhouette in front of a glowing blue wall with a data-visualization timeline across it

The Result

United Airlines’ Airshop immersive theatre and innovation space allow for unparalleled creative development and demonstrative capabilities. Through cinematic visuals and a vibrant design language, our experience showcases innovative concepts with striking clarity and control.