5 Ways to Bring out the Best in Your Brand Ambassadors

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5 Ways to Bring out the Best in Your Brand Ambassadors

Even with all the pizzazz of digital content and the most advanced technology out there, your activation could suffer without the right people representing your brand. We have learned a few things about bringing out the best in brand ambassadors and thought we should share.

  1. Win with enthusiasm. Like a pep-rally for your brand. Use ambassadors that have excitement about your brand and product. If the person representing the brand lacks enthusiasm for your product, so will your audience.
  2. Teach them about the products. Ambassadors needn’t know the entire history of your brand, but certainly enough to answer any questions that come up. Be sure that they are equipped with knowledge about the brand and product.
  3. Fit the look. Remember that these folks are representing your brand. Make sure they dress the part. Your brand’s user should be able to relate them. A smile never hurts, either.
  4. Improvise in sticky situations. In a perfect world, everything at launch is smooth sailing. But in the event that mishaps occur, be sure your chosen ambassador is quickly able to improvise, help find solutions or at least distract the audience from the issue.
  5. Lead by example. In all of our activations we like to be present to train the teams on our technology, how we talk about it, and how we demonstrate it’s use. We always love setting an example of everything we mention above so that when the ambassador is running the show, they are extra-prepped. Be sure to spend due time with your brand ambassadors and show them how it’s done!


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