Give the Gift of Interactive

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BrandLove starts from the inside. Your employees are your #1 advocates to your brand’s love, so give them what they want: the gift of interactive! We have had so much fun creating different ways for our clients to increase BrandLove internally by incorporating interactive technology. Here’s the shortlist to keep in mind as you head into the New Year.

  1. Interactive lobby or meeting space. Easily spice up your space by incorporating your brand’s historical timeline in your lobby or open areas – check out our proprietary TimeSlide™ with Harley Davidson’s brand story. Your meeting spaces could likely use a refresh, too. Try adding interactive communication tools or a huge reactive video wall – like we did in Accenture’s Digital Lounge.
  2. Immersive product training. Get employees excited about new products with larger-than-life spectacles, like our favorite John Deere new tractor launch. Another great way to train on new products is with gamfication – or “edutainment” (education + entertainment!) so they learn without knowing it. We made an awesome trivia training game for Audi’s A3 launch.
  3. Corporate events and sales meetings. Take your meetings and events to the next level by adding some play time for your teams. Include games, engaging brand activities and innovative technology. Two of our favorite examples are the motion race game we did for the Cars.com sales meeting and the Oculus Rift experience we did for the Intel+Manifesto Inside traveling tour.

As you start planning your budget, space and events this year, consider ways to engage your employees in a little more BrandLove. It’s fun and easy – and we can help! Give them the gift of interactive and reach out to us with questions at hi@nextnowagency.com, or explore our website at nextnowagency.com.

Happy giving and Happy Holidays from all of us at NEXT/NOW.

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