Welcome to part 1 in our series devoted to hot technology and how to use it in 2016! Over the next several weeks, we aim to get your brand’s experiential game up to par by integrating hot technology into your plans. Each week you will learn about one of the following topics.

Here’s what’s hot in 2016:

  1. Touch. Not your mother’s iPad games… we mean, liquid smooth, multi-touch applications used to teach, inspire and play. Gorgeous digital content bringing touch surfaces to life. Learn about the variety of ways to integrate touch technology into your office, museum or next event. (Look for it 1/5/16)
  2. Gesture. Technology so advanced it can tell when you are bending your finger or raising your eyebrows. Gesture is simply tons of fun and so very versatile. You won’t want to miss this info. (1/12/16)
  3. Holograms. Enter the mysterious and magical world of holograms. Every hologram activation we have done results in the same reaction: a double take and tilted head followed by the question, “How do you do that?” Holograms are rad! (1/19/16)
  4. Projection. We LOVE projection! It’s another versatile technology that is absolutely awe-inspiring! This technology is easily our favorite for going BIG and you’ll see why. (1/26/16)
  5. Virtual reality. Saving the best for last. Step into another world with Oculus Rift and be blown away! This technology is only getting hotter and you will need to fit this in in 2016. (2/2/16)

We look forward to sharing our stories, ideas and information on super-cool technology you must use in 2016. Feeling inspired already? Reach out to us at hi@nextnowagency.com or visit our website at nextnowagency.com for more info.

Check back next week for part 2 on touch technology!

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