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Measuring Success for Digital Experiential in Retail

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Some quick thoughts on defining success for digital experiential retail installations-

Without a doubt, the vast majority of brands and agencies understand that measurement is crucial to assign any defensible ROI to digital retail activations. Whether touchscreen, gesture-controlled, or augmented reality-based, most product brands would admit that the biggest challenge in justifying wider roll-outs is the lack of truly BELIEVABLE metrics for engagement. Tying an installation into existing store sales metrics is typically too complex, bureaucratically challenging, and ultimately expensive of an undertaking for the majority of brands, especially in the store-in-store or traditional product retail environment. This is particularly true when most brands are in a ‘learning/testing’ mode in regards to in-store digital.

So, with the stated challenges of gauging actual, near real-time sales data, what exactly can we quantify to understand the value of a particular activation?
Here are some easy ones….

1. User sessions–this is simply the number of consumers that interact with the display. We love to A/B test a product display to highlight the benefits.

2. Dwell/hover time–how long does a consumer ‘hang-out’ at a specific location in store? Once again A/B testing provides a valuable metric.

3. Touching / inspecting product–study after study shows an increase in sales of an item if consumers touch it and examine it. So let’s measure this!

4. Email or SMS take-away–building in a valuable take-away to reward consumer interaction is fundamental. Also, easily measured!

5. Social media shares–this has become an assumed benefit of digital experiential, we can measure that easily as well.

At NEXT/NOW we us a variety of technologies to gather the metrics above, including Intel AIM suite for visual-based data, and floor-mounted pressure sensors to track user patterns. Our content applications also typically include built-in interaction tracking, to gauge actual user patterns, actions, and interests. Although looking forward to the day when tracking near-real-time individual store sales for specific products is commonplace, we believe even the accessible data referenced above can give brands the insight needed to evaluate the effectiveness of digital experiential in retail. Visit our website to see more about what we do in retail

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