Last week we gave you a high level overview of the hottest technology in 2016. Now let’s take a deeper dive in part 2 of our series and talk about touch technology.

We love that users are already familiar with touch technology from using smart phones and tablets every day. Touch is a quick-hitting brand experience for that reason. When we talk touch, we talk about liquid-smooth, multi-touch, non-shuttering, flowing transitions with easy and intuitive navigation. We talk about brilliant content that is engaging, fun and innovative.

Here are some great ways to integrate touch into your activations in 2016.

  1. Easy data collection, lead generation and social media connection. Your photo booth or video app can collect data, send emails and share on social media, all from one place.
  1. Forget your standard “you are here” sign; touch also creates eye catching and interactive way finding for trade show booths, malls, and museums. Include additional information on products, exhibits or places by clicking on certain parts of the map.
  1. Multi-touch allows several people to use two or more fingers at once, which makes touch great for product demos. We love using huge screens (55” or bigger) so multiple independent demos can run at the same time.
  1. Fun training sessions for internal teams. Create a touch game to teach about new parts, products, methods and messages. “Edutainment” makes people learn while having fun, thus making them more engaged in your training.
  1. Who are we kidding? Create a game for people to experience your brand! We have done this for bars, trade shows, offices and events. Here’s a hint: sales people love challenging each other with games – integrate a touch game into your next sales meeting.
  1. Use touch in retail locations for larger-than-life catalogues. Touch catalogues bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping. Scroll through options such as available colors or models, select one and wait for a sales person to come to you. We like this for sunglasses, clothes, watches, cars and more.

Want more? Check out what NEXT/NOW has done for Audi, Farmers Insurance and Contagion. We can talk forever on this subject so reach out with any questions or explore our website at

Next week, we talk all about gesture!

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