There are just so many reasons we love gesture-sensing technology: it’s precise, inherently interactive, versatile and oh so much fun!

Gesture-sensing technology uses motion sensors to follow users’ movements, creating a digital reaction. One to many people can interact with gesture technology, depending on the application. It can be as focused as detecting one person’s specific facial movements for a digital facemask, or as broad as capturing many people’s dance moves for a multi-player game.

We love using gesture in games, catalogs, brand timelines, fun face-painting applications and more. NEXT/NOW has built a foundation on gesture technology, and here’s why:

  1. Versatile hardware: Depending on the application, we generally use one of three types of sensors: Intel ® RealSenseTM, Microsoft Kinect, and Leap Motion. Knowing what we need to track (simple hand waves, precise facial expressions, or advanced mini-movements in fingers or elbows, etc.) is one way we choose which sensor to use.
  1. Integration with other hardware: We create gesture activations that pair with other technologies such as projection or virtual reality. This creates a fully immersive, unexpected and larger-than-life brand experience that your users will not soon forget.
  1. ROI measurements: As you brainstorm a super-fun and super-cool gesture experience, keep in mind that we can measure it. From how high the user jumps, to how many people interact, to how long they interact, gesture technology can be measured allowing you to make brand and campaign decisions based on your data.

Here are some of our favorite gesture interactives: Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Cricket Wireless, and Chicago Sports Museum. Reach out to us to skyrocket your next exhibit with gesture. Email us at or explore our website at

Stay tuned for next week’s series on holograms!


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