One of the foundational pieces of NEXT/NOW’s story comes from projection technology and mapping. Being such a versatile yet grandiose technology, we have gone both larger-than-life and simple with our projection applications.

Here is what you need to know about projection and projection mapping:

  • We can project on nearly any surface, space or shape, therefore, this technology is perfect for story telling, training teams, creating games, and activating spaces. One great and simple way we use projection mapping is in our studio lobby and inside our space to bring light and life to our brand in an easily updatable way.
  • The best locations for projection are places where ambient light is controlled, but with the right projector, nearly anywhere can be a stellar activation zone. Museums, retail spots, tradeshow floors and other convention halls can all work well for projection.
  • Interactivity coupled with projection is formula for a winning activation. Add a Kinect to your activations to bring more life to your brand! Check out one of our interactive projection demos for a fun example.

And for your viewing pleasure, one of our biggest and most widely seen projection applications was for John Deere during the launch of their 2014 8R-model tractor. Complete with a sizzle reel intro, we captivated audiences worldwide with a precisely mapped application. Check it out here – you’re welcome.

This is such an easy way to make your brand pop and give your target the WOW-factor they have been looking for. Let’s get started! Email us at and explore our website at

P.S. This is part 5 in our Hot Technology in 2016 series. In case you missed the earlier articles, find out how and when to use touch, gesture and holograms. Next week we wrap up our series with virtual reality!

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