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The Secrets of BrandLove

By February 23, 2016 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments

At NEXT/NOW our passion, raison d’etre and Holy Grail is BrandLove. It’s our Mona Lisa and we work with brands across the globe to build it because big-time ROI follows when it is done right. If your brand doesn’t have it, you’re already behind.

If your brand needs a little love, reach out to us, and read our tips below:

  1. Make BrandLove an inside job. BrandLove directly translates into how you, your employees, and partners represent your brand to clients, colleagues, and customers. Share your pride, story, and love for your brand. Showcase your strengths in an exciting way. Further, when partners, and employees have BrandLove themselves, it directly translates into increased well-being in the work place, creativity, and purposeful contribution.
  2. Don’t just create… ACTIVATE. Do more than paint pretty pictures. Let people experience it themselves. Touch tables, virtual reality, and projection mapping are just a few of the tools we use to create memorable experiences. At CES 2015, Mira, wanted to effectively communicate their advanced technology and grab attention on the saturated floors of the convention. Attendees were greeted with a futuristic, functioning hologram of their product in action. Heads turned, connections were made, and Mira quickly separated themselves in the fast growing market of fitness wearables.
  3. Get out there and WOW them. Unexpected moments of connection make all the difference. We love larger-than-life activations. For John Deere’s new tractor launch we used projection mapping to turn their flagship product into a work of art and spectacle that helped bring a classic staple into the 21st century. We have brought installations to the lounges of Accenture and immersed the folks at Intel in an adventure through the future using Oculus Rift VR technology. And for a homerun, our installation for Morton Salt won us a BMA Best in Class Marketing Activation award in 2016.

We have so much more to share on this topic. Stop by our Chicago West Loop showroom and see for yourself! In the mean time, get in touch with us to start creating BrandLove. Write us at or visit our website at

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