Have you ever seen the four block long LED video canopy that spans the Freemont Experience in Las Vegas? Well, our Founder and next-gen tech leader, Alan Hughes, directed and produced three of the light and sound shows that have played there for 10’s of thousands of people each night. You might say LED’s are a part of our DNA at NEXT/NOW, and we love to keep them close in our toolbox of “tech to blow your mind”.

Stop by our showroom and we’ll be happy to show you our gigantic LED video display and demonstrate exactly how these versatile showstoppers can make a big impact on your next installation.

Here’s why we like ‘em and why we think you will to:

  • They handle whatever you throw at them. Bright, sleek, and weather proof, these powerhouses put out enough light to be seen on the brightest day without glare (and you should see them at night!). They have a very small energy footprint and are easy to run by battery if need be. Because there is no glass involved, they are extremely easy to move and bend and are perfect for traveling installations.
  • Our giant video wall, for example, consists of several interconnecting squares that can be rearranged and put together into multiple shapes and sizes depending on the needs of the installation – be it massive or super-tiny. Ropes of LED’s can be strung together to create video or images that are unbound by flat planes and can be wound, bent, or curved to create any design you may need. For Morton Salt, we created a 10-foot LED cylindrical canister that featured original art and video images of Chicago. For the Big Ten Network we made an interactive 10 X 20 foot vertical LED screen that allowed fans to leap an avatar high into the air and slam dunk through a virtual net.
  • Fully programmable. Each little individual LED can be sent its own specific instruction from a computer, which makes them incredibly interactive. LED’s can change the environment based on any information, be it movement cues, data, music, or the whims of a random user. As our Tech Director and avid LED-master Jason Araujo put it, “LED’s allows light to be more than just ambient, but to be a tangible and active part of the world you’re creating. It brings light into 3d dimensional interactive space.”

To learn more visit us at our showroom, write us at hi@nextnowagency.com, or explore our website at nextnowagency.com.

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