Branding isn’t just things you say to your customers, taglines in your marketing materials, or your logo thrown about; it’s living and breathing, because your brand, first and foremost, is your employees.

Brand messaging should be reflected in your own internal and daily practices. You’re a people company? Your people should feel this first. You are creative and innovative? How do you inspire creativity in your own team?

A good way to ingrain your core messaging and ethos into your company culture is to engage and to activate, just as you would for your clients. Internal activations help your employees feel prioritized and connected to your brand, inspiring them to become positive advocates, and more productive and creative in the workplace.

The following are some case studies from NEXT/NOW to help get you started on your own internal activation:

  1. Accenture, a management consulting services company, wanted a space where conversations are continued, creative thinking is engaged, and ideas are brought to life. Accenture prides itself on innovation and it needed an internal space that projected just that. As a permanent activation, we updated their internal meeting space in their Chicago ACIN center in several rooms including their Accenture Digital Lounge. This is a 360-degree space with a motion sensitive video wall, bright and comfy furniture, dramatic modern lighting, chalkboards, projection surfaces, stadium seating on the edges, and three giant towers that displayed real time brand status information that connected to Accenture’s offices around the world.Take a page out of Accenture’s book: if you want your employees to match your brand’s innovative style with innovative ideas, give them an innovative space to just that.
  2. John Deere was releasing an awesome upgraded version of its flagship tractor. Though it was an old staple of theirs, they needed to train their employees and sales force on all of the new features and enhancements of the 2015 model. We answered the call by projection mapping on top of the new model showing its new features. As part of an hour-long internal training session, these digital images were designed to inspire excitement and awe in its employees.John Deere’s lesson: Training doesn’t have to be boring; it can be captivating and engaging. Keep employee attention and excitement as fresh as your products.
  1. For a sales meeting, we created an original gesture activated race game. For this activation, employees leaned their bodies to steer their digital racecar. It was meant to be exciting, competitive, and fun, and it accomplished just takeaway: Your company may brand itself as fun and innovative, but instead of just telling your employees that, show them.

To see more internal activations explore our website at, or stop by our showroom and let us show you some of them firsthand.

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