At NEXT/NOW we pride ourselves as being a “next gen” agency that uses the latest in advanced technology as our medium of content delivery. That means we traffic in tech like virtual and augmented reality, motion sensing, projection mapping, gamification, and alternative video screens. In other words, we do a whole lot of 3D world building, and we house a full department of 3D designers on staff to handle the load.

Wondering if you should integrate more 3D design? Here’s why we say yes:

  1. Building entirely new worlds creates unexpected moments of connection. When nothing looks like it should, it keeps people on their toes and engaged. Like when we utilized our 3D team to build a futuristic VR world set in 2026 to promote Intel’s Inside travelling tour.
  2. 3D lets you place whomever you want inside of interactive worlds. We used 3D mapping to digitize sports’ greats Scottie Pippen, Patrick Kane, Frank Thomas and Richard Dent so that users could engage with them in a new and interactive way.
  3. 3D can take people to real world locations they would not feasibly be able to see and experience. By using a combination of 3D design and motion-sensing technology, we were able to let people explore deep into mining fields for Atlas Copco. When Cricket Wireless placed kiosks in over 2800 GameStops, we created a virtual game where users were able to tour the store.
  4. 3D can make the unreal, real. Like when we use full 3D image information to create holograms for brands like Mira.
  5. 3D rendering can build prototypes of products without costly manufacturing costs. These 3D mock-ups can look exactly like the real thing and can be used to pitch companies and consumers on products that may still be in development.

We’d be happy to take your product or brand into the 3rd dimension too. Visit us at our showroom, write us at, or explore our website at for more information.

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