At NEXT/NOW we are forever on the hunt for next gen technology to enhance our activations and wow consumers on behalf of the brands we represent. Basically, when it comes to knocking people’s socks off, we like to stay ahead of the curve.

Which is why we couldn’t help but get our hands on Intel’s RealSense technology to make some of our favorite brand activations.

The nutshell description of RealSense technology is that it’s a series of 3D infrared cameras that project an invisible infrared grid onto objects so that it can map depth in 3D space. In other words, it’s not just taking a picture of your nose, it’s gathering information on just how long your nose is and how it sits in 3D space. We have worked with the RealSense in some of these ways:

If your head is already racing with the possibilities of what this tech could do, let us just go ahead and guide that train of thought into the station. Yes, you can map people’s faces, digitize them, and then overlay them on any character in film/video games you want. It uses face recognition and pose detection to capture full 3-axis head rotation.

It would look exactly like this:

Yes, it is sort of like Tron… sort of.

This level of personalization in a digital activation a huge boon for experiential marketing.

And there’s more. The image mapping can be so precise it can read details of gestures, including mapping each of your 10 fingers. We took advantage of this by creating a brand gaming experience that allowed users to grip invisible controls in mid air and steer a flying racer.

The RealSense system uses 78 facial “landmarks” to track the exact movements and micro expressions of the face. Using video playback, you are able to add makeup or, say, a beard that perfectly conforms to the exact curvature of a person’s face and mouth movements… and do what we did: turn users into super fans by projecting the face paint of their favorite team.

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