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In the Field: The Why’s of Festival Brand Activations

By June 8, 2016 May 22nd, 2020 No Comments

Outdoor Festival Brand Activations

Summer is here, which means the amount of outdoor art, music, and sporting events rises alongside the temperatures. It’s the perfect opportunity for brands to head outside and connect with customers in memorable places with extraordinary festival brand activations.

At NEXT/NOW we help brands find the right outdoor festival brand activations to fit the perfect event. But why should a brand consider aligning themselves with these events?

  1. Densely targeted demographic – Want to connect with thousands of millennials? Head to festivals like Lollapalooza and South by Southwest. Want to target specific areas of town? Participate in neighborhood festivals. Reaching out to car enthusiasts? Join them at Nascar… which is exactly what Farmer’s Insurance did when we created an entire digital suite filled with interactions, games, digital information, photo capture and a sweepstakes. Experiential marketing, by its nature, loves a crowd and events are perfect concentrations of people.
  2. Inclination to share – Exciting events and festivals inspire social media posting because event goers love to share amazing things they’re experiencing. Smart brands take advantage of and encourage this. For example, when we worked with Crown Royale, users took specialized photos and videos that were sent to them to be shared on social media.
  3. Good feelings wash over everything – When people are surrounded with things they love, be it music, art, sports, dancing, etc… They see everything in a more positive light. The joy they feel extends to everyone and everything they encounter. Brands can be a part of that good experience.
  4. Brands can blow minds – This happens to be our specialty. We know that the atmosphere of festivals leave attendees open to new experiences. Which is why our digital activations are specially designed to provide out-of-the-box experiences that are sure to imprint as highlights of a festival-goers day. VR, digital projections, gamified experiences, augmented reality, and gesture based games are just a few of the tools we use to create lasting and unique connections between consumers and brands.

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