Outdoor festivals, like Bonnaroo, open up attendees to new experiences and ideas. It’s the perfect place for deeper, more memorable connections to be made.

Founder and CCO of NEXT/NOW, Alan Hughes.


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Bonnaroo, 2016: NEXT/NOW, an experiential marketing agency, teamed up with tech conglomerate Intel to help spread the important message about conflict minerals and the devastating violence they contribute to the Congo.

Tantalum, tin, tungsten, and gold are key minerals in the technology we use and enjoy everyday. In places like the Congo, dangerous warlords and rebel groups exploit this demand, enslaving and killing innocent people in order to control these valuable resources. Recognizing the potential their supply chain might impact this devastation, Intel chose to get tough and build a responsible supply chain from the ground up, circumventing these groups and doing their part to end the violence that has claimed more than 5 million lives since 1998. As stated on their website, “our choices can impact the lives of millions”.

In order to further get the word out and help activate millennials, Intel worked with NEXT/NOW to create a booth that engaged the 85,000+ attendees of the annual 4-day Bonnaroo music festival in Manchester, Tennessee. Using Intel’s RealSense™ face mapping technology, NEXT/NOW created an digital interactive display that allowed festivalgoers to view a real-time video image of themselves and design a personalized face painted message showing their support for the people of the Congo. The virtual face-paint precisely mapped to the users features so that it moved along with each head motion and expression change. They were then able to capture the image and share their support directly through social media.

“Outdoor festivals, like Bonnaroo, open up attendees to new experiences and ideas. It’s the perfect place for deeper, more memorable connections to be made,” offered Founder and CCO of NEXT/NOW, Alan Hughes. “They’re ideal opportunities for campaigns to connect with the right audience.” In the case of Intel, research from the Omnicom Group’s Cone Communications has shown that 70% of millennials connect with brands that support important causes. The digital face-painting booth at Bonnaroo was an excellent fit for Intel to publicly share its latest initiative and corporate responsibility.

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