The ancient mystical secret to creating truly engaging brand experiences is to give consumers the right activations at the right time. Connecting with people in the places and at the events they love best is a warp zone for brands to build deep and engaging relationships with customers.

At NEXT/NOW, we know that capitalizing on a sports fan’s enthusiasm is an easy win for clients, and there is no better place to help brands connect with fans than next to them in the bleachers. We create these bridges through completely original digital sports-based activations and experiences.

Why should a brand join the big game?

  1. The Cheer Effect. Giving fans the opportunity to direct and share their enthusiasm for their favorite team without shame pays off in spades. For example, for a joint activation between Intel and the 49er’s, we used augmented reality to record fans cheering their beloved ‘Niners with a video overlay that placed them virtually next to the cheerleaders and mascot. We then emailed them a video that they were more than happy to share on social media and root publically for the San Francisco favorites.
  2. It’s our motto and it’s our creed. It means inspiring a deep affection in customers. We’ve found that letting sports fanatics step into the shoes of their favorite sports heroes, in the form of original gesture based games, is like a dream come true. Like the times we let fans shoot hoops as Scottie Pippen, play football against Chicago great Richard Dent, and brave a shootout with this year’s NHL MVP Patrick Kane.
  3. Make them Insiders. By giving fans exclusive access to the sports they love you make them VIP insiders to both the event and to your brand. Leveraging the awe and excitement for the events they love with the added value your brand offers is a recipe for making fans additional members of your team. We worked with Farmer’s Insurance to give NASCAR racegoers a completely interactive exploration of a successful day at the track. Fans got to learn more about their favorite racers as well as the strengths of Farmer’s Insurance as they wound their way through the exhibit.

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Written by: Mark Matthews

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