Whether scrolling twitter feeds, giant posting boards, or that just right hashtag, adding live social media walls to your live event has the benefit of instantly forming positive connections to and among the group of attendees.

A study by Cohen & Lancaster (2014) showed that when individuals used social media when watching a show, the individuals had the experience of watching the show as an intimate experience with fellow posters. The emotional moments, climaxes, and character interactions were enhanced by shared commentary. In short these social media posters had a sense of group membership and belongingness. Allowing members of the group to broadcast on a live social media wall to the rest of the event personalizes the shared group experience. It opens people up to each other and leads to the positive experience of being a participant in the event than just a spectator.

This phenomenon drives right to heart of the fact that 85% of us say that reading others comments on social posts help us understand and process our own thoughts and feelings. A curated feed of people having a good time and sharing their positive associations augments those feelings in others. It gives us permission to open up and enjoy as well.

Further, these positive shared feelings can form community. One need not look further that Apple vs. PC to see how important brand community can mean to people. People absorb brand choice into their perception of themselves. (Egol, McEuen, Falk 2012).

Studies also show that we devote about 30-40% talking about ourselves. When it comes to social media that number jumps to 80%. Interpersonal game theory has known for quite some time that letting/encouraging others to talk about themselves leads to a more positive association toward the conversation in those people. And this extends to peoples thoughts, opinions, pictures, and quips; when these things find their way to social media they often become extensions of us. We’re invested in them. To see our thoughts or images displayed to the whole group, elevates and validates us. It is a way to let know that the individual is a person and that this relationship is a two-way street.

We’ve used quite a few methodologies to achieve this, and have always been pleased with the outcome. Live social media walsl can be a powerful tool in a brand’s arsenal. See these tricks and others at https://nextnowagency.com

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