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Don’t Make Your Digital Event Experiences Fight Your Physical Spaces

By November 28, 2017 March 11th, 2020 No Comments

Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Gesture, and Projection Mapping are transforming the way we interact with brands in unimaginable ways. Being able to, say, launch someone virtually into space so they can look back at the world and see visually how your company’s networks across the globe leaves a lasting impression on exactly what that network means. It’s packs a whole lot of “wow”, and it’s why we specialize in adding digital event experiences to physical locations.

With that said, you must absolutely believe us when we say: Do not make your digital fight your physical. The digital component must be an augmentation to the space, event, message etc…

It’s not hard to grasp really, and yet, you’d be surprised. McDonald’s did it right when they asked us to build a VR experience for a NASCAR tour. They threw fans directly onto a virtual racetrack where they joined a pit crew during an intense and visceral minute of tire changing. Intel also did a great job when they created a sit down experience that provided users with a VR tour through a future manufacturing plant. Now… imagine if those two experiences were reversed?

Exactly. You’d be left with a digital experience at odds with its physical location.

At trade shows we’ve seen booths that seize upon entertaining activations that draw people in, but because of a disconnect to the booths messaging, all the user was left with was a memorable VR experience, not a memorable brand experience.

We recommend to our clients that they nail down their goals and messages and then let our joint ideation sessions feed off that. From there we can work together to build out the space with both digital and physical in mind. Otherwise, trying to slap a digital experience on an already well thought out physical experience requires a particularly delicate touch.

Digital should not distract from the physical, it is not there to pull attention. Imagine watching a concert where the wall behind you was projection mapped. Now imagine, instead, that projections mapped the stage and the area around and behind the band. Now you have a seamless digital and physical experience.

There’s a certain messaging feng shui with digital and physical to maximize its impact and potential, get it right and be memorable and on message. Get it wrong and expect a poor ROI.

To see our own particular digital/physical feng shui at https://nextnowagency/portfolio.


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