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Top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developers

Whether it is blasting people into the future, setting them in the middle of an active NASCAR raceway, or transporting them to the bioluminescent forests of Pandora, we love to work the fine details of a VR experience because we build it for ourselves as much as we build for our clients. When others share our enthusiasm for what we do it makes the work all the sweeter, which is why we are tremendously excited to announce that NEXT/NOW has earned the title as #1 Top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developers by

This acknowledgement is a great achievement for our team because of the particular respect and influence that Clutch has garnered in the world of B2B technology. Clutch scours the globe to find the best technology development firms and segments them based on focus, budget and location. Clutch has leaders matrices to help potential clients find the technology services they need to run their businesses. Thousands of tech companies vye for a spot on one of these lists, and NEXT/NOW beat out countless peers from around the world to earn a spot at #1 in AR/VR.

One way that Clutch confirms that each tech company is at the top of their game is through verified client reviews. Through phone interviews, Clutch analysts ask questions pertaining to the scope and results of the projects developed for clients and ask them to rate the companies. Here is one of the amazing things that a client said about us to help us rise above the competition:

“The project management process was seamless, and everything was done with good communication, proper timelines, and no doubt regarding the delivery of the project. We had plenty of time to test and make sure that the software was working properly within the environment… Their view on technology and its utilization for creating unique, one-of-a-kind experiences is something I haven’t seen with similar vendors. NEXT/NOW is ahead of the curve when it comes to the solutions they offer for clients, helping them stand out from the sea of the same. We had access to some smart, capable people in our team for executing that flawlessly.I was very pleased with everything, from start to finish. NEXT/NOW’s members are fun people to work with, and it was a positive experience.” – Director of Creative Services,

2017 was an incredible year for NEXT/NOW because of the amazing projects that we got to work on and the strides in AR/VR technology that we continued to make. As we look back, we can’t help but be immensely grateful for our talented and dedicated team and the opportunities that you, our clients, trusted us with. Earning Top Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Developers is something in which we are very proud. Here’s to an unbelievable 2018! Let’s do it again!

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