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NEXT/NOW Leading the Pack as a Top Chicago Developer!

By March 12, 2019 March 26th, 2020 No Comments

They are true visionaries and the best partner ever."

- Director of Marketing, Under Armour

NEXT/NOW Leading the Pack as a Top Chicago Developer!

At NEXT/NOW, our team brings the latest and greatest technologies of the augmented and virtual reality space to drive digital innovation and impact for our clients today. The immediate engagement, connections, and experience that NEXT/NOW forges, lead customers and their businesses to demonstrated development and success, which is how we’ve made our mark in Chicago.

Clutch, a B2B research and reviews agency in Washington, D.C., just published its ranking of the area’s best augmented reality companies, and we again took home the very top spot. This listing results from Clutch and its evaluation of every firm’s market presence, portfolio experience, and client service, among other data.

Here is some of the positive feedback that our customers provided that helped lead us to this honor:

They are true visionaries and the best partner ever,” emphasized one client. “The team is flexible, but doesn’t let any issue slip by. They call us regularly to communicate status, progress, and possible delays, but never in a pushy manner. Overall, NEXTNOW stays on top of the project and helps us make the best decisions.”

NEXTNOW took our creative vision to the next level,” shared a second. “They’re easy to work with and approachable … They worked well in collaborating with us instead of just taking over the project. They were open to receiving feedback from our team and from the client. They stayed on schedule. They were really excellent with the implementation aspects. They worked onsite for an extensive amount of time, getting everything installed and running tests. They’ve also been great about checking in now that it is up and running. If there’s any kind of issue, they fix it pretty rapidly.”

Additionally, the Manifest and Visual Objects, sister companies to Clutch, have also cheered on our experts. Business news website, The Manifest, has included us in a collection of leading event marketing companies, while portfolio curation platform Visual Objects now features our work among that of other premier software development companies.

With such support, the range and results of our team’s capabilities have only continued to gain notoriety and recognition, and we greatly appreciate the kudos. “To be selected as a top Chicago developer by again gives us particular pride. Their rigorous process for vetting, speaking directly to reviewers, and rating agencies based upon multiple fronts mean we cleared a very high bar to be included on the list,” our CEO, Alan Hughes explained.

Interested in learning more about the AR/VR transformations that NEXT/NOW can bring to the table for your business? Get in touch with us here. Let’s see how our team can translate tomorrow’s greatest into meaningful success for your business today – we’re excited to take on your challenges together!

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