The Role of the 3d generalist is to provide stunning visual 3d content and engaging cinematic and real-time assets. 3D Generalist position is the swiss army knife of our Art team and can solve a wide range of problems with well-rounded experience across multiple disciplines. You thrive on collaboration, have an eye for how to polish a game into perfection, and a natural curiosity for all parts of the creative pipeline.


  • Create hard surface and organic models using 3ds Max, Maya, and Zbrush, Blender
  • Create physically-based textures using
    Substance Painter
    Substance Designer
    Substance Alchemist
    Quixel mixer
    Mega scans
  • Optimizing polycounts and texture sizes for optimal VR/AR/ Interactive experiences.
  • Take existing 3D assets and optimizing their polycounts/textures
  • Collaborate closely with a multi-disciplinary team to implement stunning graphics
  • Collaborate with Designers, Artists, Art Directors, and Project Managers to ensure a consistent brand vision
  • Participate in art reviews and respond to critical feedback in a professional manner
  • Integrate 3D assets into Real-time engines to create visually engaging experiences
  • Have a grasp of High to optimize poly workflow for AAA¬† real-time quality Asset
  • Must be a strategic thinker