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We Build Custom Virtual Reality Content for Brands and Events

We build mind-blowing, fully interactive, and incredibly sticky 360° video and CGI Virtual Reality experiences for Brands and Events. From concept to execution, our VR Chicago based in-house team delivers world class content every time. We’ve sent users and fans hurling through space, placed them in the middle of Nascar’s biggest races, sent them on glides around beautiful mountain terrain, and allowed them to look into the future. If you can dream it, we can build it.

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Phone: 312.945.6222
Randy Gress, Dir. of Business Development:
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1200 West Lake Street, Suite #1
Chicago, IL 60607

Chicago Virtual Reality
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Custom Solutions

NEXT/NOW designs custom virtual reality solutions for every project and platform, ensuring that the experience is as unique as the brand it represents. As a creative tech boutique, we have the flexibility to work with agencies and directly with clients to make your virtual dreams a reality.

McDonald's VR Pit Crew - Virtual Reality Chicago
Chicago Virtual Reality

Intuitive Design

In a world where design can make the difference between a customer staying for hours or leaving after several seconds, NEXT/NOW knows how to streamline design in VR, ensuring each journey goes beyond optimization to delightful.

Glade VR experience - Virtual Reality Chicago VR

Team Depth

NEXT/NOW’s top-to-bottom, in-house Chicago Virtual Reality pipeline blends together talented creatives, animators, and 3d artists with adaptive technical development and agile project management to create best-in-class VR content and design.