We are looking for a skilled and versatile Producer to become a part of our dynamic team.

At Next/Now, our specialty is crafting engaging interactive experiences for physical spaces. Our installations are typically designed for museums, tradeshows, retail spaces, sports venues, events and traveling brand tours. The Producer role reports to the Director or Project Management/Production.

The role of the Producer is integral to a project’s success. The perfect candidate will be a general creative problem solver and critical thinker, a natural leader, confident and solutions-oriented, adaptable, flexible, positive and enthusiastic.

At a high level, the Producer is Captain of the Project’s Ship. The Producer at NEXT/NOW is a hybrid role of Production Manager, Account Manager and Project Manager.


The Producer has day-to-day responsibility for the smooth and effective running of their projects with a focus on great delivery. To do this, they should have great skills in effective project setup, budget control, project tracking, and reporting, risk and issue analysis, and quality assurance. With this in mind, an understanding of the principles of Project Management, appropriate methodologies, and processes is vital. This role calls for an individual who can focus on the detail, being thoroughly “buttoned-down” and on top of all aspects of their projects while being aware of the bigger picture.


The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

Managing and delivering projects
  • Manage and deliver multiple work streams for various types of projects within an account to agreed scope, timings, budget, and quality
  • Work with internal teams to help define project scope, resource requirements, and cost estimates for projects
  • Be the hub of communication for the project – in regular contact with internal and external partners engaged in delivering our product
  • Encourage and facilitate collaboration. Set up projects in Zoho Projects/Sprints and other agency tools as needed to give full visibility but allow the team to collaborate independently
  • Produce a realistic 8melines with clearly flagged milestones
  • Work with client’s third party agencies and NEXT/NOW suppliers to jointly scope, manage and deliver projects when appropriate
  • Assign and track issues when appropriate
  • At the start of a project, analyze the areas that could potentially throw the delivery off track, log these risks, and list what you plan to do to mi8gate against them
  • Be on top of your projects and know timelines, key milestones, budgets, resourcing, risks, etc.
  • Assess the time and financial impact of changes and communicate to clients as appropriate
  • Be firm but fair in judgement: push back when scope creep or suggested budgets are not realistic while understanding the constraints of the client. Be prepared and able to defend the company’s position and profit margin internally and externally

  • Understand the workings and needs of the client you are partnered with

  • Understand the key technical aspects of the development process as appropriate to your client

Being Professional
  • Everything communicates – ensure that all documentation, briefs, scopes, and presentations are of the highest possible standard
  • Be positive and a force for good in the team – even when faced with difficult problems. Be solutions-focused
  • Remain calm and stable under pressure
  • Know when to delegate upwards and raise the alarm at the right time, to the right people when issues occur
  • Be prepared to assist in areas outside of your immediate team. This means sharing resources, helping on other projects, taking part in pitches, or managing internal initiatives Building and safeguarding relationships
  • Build a partnership relationship with your clients; good rapport here is key to the success of both the delivery process and account development
  • Have great relationships with the internal project teams, so that people want to work with and for you
  • Be responsible for ensuring that relevant clients and project team members are kept up to date on project developments: changes in timelines, costs, and any issues arising. Communicate regularly and don’t avoid difficult conversations
  • Never make promises you can’t keep, and always set expecta8ons realistically • Ensure that internal and client sign-offs are obtained on all key project deliverables and that you have an audit trail to protect yourself if things go wrong
  • Where possible don’t back your client into a corner – clients make mistakes too and are sometimes overruled by their bosses. Be sensitive to the pressures they face and work with them, not against them
  • Manage conflicts and issues effectively, and seek guidance from the Director of Production on any potentially sensitive or difficult situations Striving for great work
  • Learn to develop creative and technical judgment and strive for the best work every time. If you don’t think it’s good enough, say why and work with the team to improve on it before it moves on
  • Ensure you are driving quality at every stage of the project


  • Degree or equivalent work experience
  • 4-6 years of experience in digital development and project management are required
  • Good understanding of emerging technologies: AR/VR/Mobile apps
  • Experience in using project management soeware tools
  • Experience in an agency environment
  • Working proficiency with Microsoe Office and Microsoe Project
  • Experience in project management models including Agile, Waterfall, and Scrum