Accenture: Digital Lounge

Interior Design, Interactive, Space Planning

Exhibit Activation

As a leading consulting firm, Accenture has a unique focus on technical innovation and it’s place in our business culture. Accenture engaged NEXT/NOW to conceptualize, design and create a highly touted innovation center, located at its Chicago Headquarters. In the Accenture Digital Lounge, conversations are continued, creative thinking is engaged and ideas are brought to life.  NEXT/NOW designed the space to ensure those goals were met by adding a custom suite of bright and comfortable furniture, digital information brand status towers via vertical monitors and a 3×3 reactive video wall. As you enter the space, you pass the reactive video wall, which is equipped with a Microsoft® Kinect™ for Windows®. Motion graphics are displayed for idle times, and during active times, conversation bubbles appear and can be moved to help form and solidify ideas. Images, video clips and all other forms of digital content live here to inspire creative business ideas. Passing the reactive wall, you enter into the main meeting space, which is a circle filled with dramatic lighting, bright furniture, projection surfaces, stadium seating on the outskirts, chalk boards and the 3 vertical status towers. These towers display brand information, up to 8 websites, various RSS feeds, a world clock representing Accenture offices around the world and a live twitter feed. This state-of-the-art digital meeting space now allows for flexible work flows in order to host some of the world’s most talented minds and biggest brands.