Aveda hosts a yearly internal conference designed to excite, amaze, educate, and boost the brand identity of its employees and partners. For this year’s Aveda Congress, we were commissioned to create a giant Mirrored Infinity Room using a kaleidoscope of images, branding, education, and messaging to immerse and delight attendees.

Two 15 x 10 foot LED walls displayed original motion graphics and video from NEXT/NOW, thrusting visitors into an expansive event activation that garnered organic social shares and left attendees wide-eyed and inspired.

What We Did

  • Event Activation
  • Digital Design
  • Mirror room
  • Infinity room
  • Shareable through Social Media

What Made it Successful

  • Dazzling visuals
  • Shared by hundreds of attendees across social media
  • Boosted brand identity across employees and partners