Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago: Interactive Money Museum

Interactive, Edutainment, Gamification, Photo Activation

Exhibit Activation

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago is home to a few of NEXT/NOW’s permanent installations: Why Shred Money, In The Chairman’s Shoes and Money Myths. Positioned to teach visitors what the Fed does, these activations educate while they entertain. First, Why Shred Money is an activation teaching visitors about what money gets shredded and why. Visitors watch an interactive video where they choose if dollar bills get sent to the shredding truck to be destroyed or if they can come back into circulation. Second, have a short lesson on interest rates and see how the Fed decides to lower and raise them. You become the chairman in this game – take your photo, answer questions, and get your photo printed as the Chairman in a newspaper print out you can take home. Finally, visitors learn about money myths and symbols. Explore a $5, $10 and even $100 bills to see ancient symbols and learn the secrets your dollars hold. Visit this permanent installation in Chicago’s Financial District.

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