"Meet Miles" Digital Interactive Gas Pump

Digitial Interactive, Motion Tracking, Touch Screen, Augmented Reality, AR,

Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

Identifying a demographic gap in its market, Petroleum giant, BP, set out to target and better serve the upwardly-mobile millennial. Taking advantage of the captive audience at the gas pump, BP tasked NEXT/NOW to create a fully functional digital out of home (DOOH) interactive ”talking pump.”

The result was Miles, a pump that takes song requests, offers trivia, takes your photo with fun and unique filters, and texts your own social media shareable to send to your friends.

Miles greeted individuals based on motion sensors and tailored each experience to their particular music tastes, whether it be Country, Pop, Rock, or R&B. Miles also gave users a discount on future fill-ups.

Miles was a hit in both local and national press markets and was featured on high profile outlets such as Good Morning America, The Onion, The Verve, The Chicago Tribune, and the New York Post.

BP Talking gas pump - digital out of home (dooh)
BP Talking gas pump - digital interactive
BP Talking gas pump - digital interactive
BP Talking gas pump - touch activation "Meet Miles"