John Deere: Flagship Product Launch

Projection Mapped Interactive Experience

Exhibit Activation

To educate and excite both internal and external audiences, John Deere aimed to show the updated 8R Flagship tractor and its features in a way that garnered excitement and buzz, but also gave the audience key product messages. NEXT/NOW was invited to create an breakthrough immersive digital experience. We moved forward by utilizing dynamic pixel-mapping projected on a pure white 8R tractor. Adding an additional 12×24-ft partial-cube background, Next/Now developed a 4-minute, complex 3-D application the magically moved the tractor through a number of different environments, graphic animations, and special effects. This over-the-top projection-mapping project was produced in 12 different languages and displayed on two continents.

Projection is awesome for larger-than-life experiences. See another project we did called Breaking Wall which combines projection and gesture reaction!

Exhibit Activation

From a technical standpoint, a series of 6 precisely aligned Barco 20K projectors were fed multiple, synchronized streams of HD content, with all visuals warped and mapped to the tractor and set. Animations were true UV mapped surfaces composited with real-world textures and footage. Simulated reflections and moving lights enhanced the richness of the event. A powerful audio track with specialized surround sound effects added an extra punch to the show.