Mazda's Augmented Reality Pit Crew Experience

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Touring Activation

You’re standing ready on the steaming tarmac of Grand Prix of Long Beach, the roar of thousands upon thousands of horsepower shredding apart the stillness of Long Beach and dragging along 100+ mph of wind force.

The sun glints off your shades. It’s a great weekend for a race.

The crew chief gives you the nod: it’s time. No time to think. You and your pit crew team fall into position like you have a thousand times before. Then, in a beautiful and elegant motion, that beautiful fire red Mazda Prototype sings into the stall as all 570 horses of its new gasoline-fueled MZ-2.0T engine come to a halt. You move in sync with your team… pure zen. The world slows as you slide the melting hot tire aside and replace with a new one.

Meanwhile, the drivers work their choreography and switch places. It’s all so… perfect. You finish changing the tire at the exact moment the pedal sends the new driver sailing back into the lead.

That screech as it takes off? That’s what you live for. The rest of the crew rises to their feet, fists in the air as the driver celebrates with you and your pit crew.

And then… You look around you. You’re not on a track. There is no team celebrating. You look again at the massive 14 X 8 foot digital LED screen in front of you and there you are, looking back at yourself, digitally surrounded by the action of the pit stop. Amazing.

This is Augmented Reality

The video stops and your inbox dings with the link to your YouTube video to share and post as often as you like.

You just participated in Mazda’s Augmented Reality Pit Stop Experience, where fans get to participate in an augmented reality activation by standing in front of a camera that beams them into the action. On the screen, it’s all very real, the crew, the actual Mazda team drivers, that beautiful prototype car, and you’re front and center of it all.

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Augmented Reality NEXT/NOW
Augmented Reality NEXT/NOW