Molex's LED Sculpture for CES

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When Molex debuted its new End-to-End 10 Gbps Automotive Ethernet Network at 2018 CES in Las Vegas. They needed a visceral and tangible way to illustrate how this emerging technology functions and interconnects with multiple digital and analog automobile systems. A Trade Show Interactive LED sculpture was the right fit.

EVO Exhibits and NEXT/NOW collaborated to create a transparent acrylic LED sculpture that utilized over 20 different LED paths and hot spots to demonstrate the way the Molex system communicated instantaneous instructions to improve safety, improve crash avoidance, elevate communication, and manage multiple data points, while not getting bogged down by multiple simultaneous processes and remaining completely secure from outside invasion.

By using a remote touchscreen. Molex’s top clients witnessed the information travel throughout the system to provide reliable high-quality processing performance at an incredibly high bandwidth, delivering at a mere fraction of a millisecond.

The Interactive model served as a hands-on education tool to expedite conversations between Molex, OEM’s, and Tier 1 Manufacturers and was the perfect visualization piece for their new product.


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Molex Trade Show Interactive - CES
Molex Trade Show Interactive - CES
Molex Interactive LED Sculpture - CES