Morton Salt came to us with the request to “bring our salt cans to life” through AR as a way to boost both their new packaging and Erase Food Waste campaigns. The result was two of the most in-depth WebAR experiences that we have ever built or seen. With more than 10 unique scenes shared between the two apps, 3D renders with a level of detail normally only found in commercial video games, and intricate animations between each scene, this final product was everything and more. And the results showed; we racked up thousands of combined pageviews even in just the first week of release, proving the campaign was a success.

What We Did

  • App Concept
  • UX Design
  • 3D Design
  • Web AR experiences
  • Animation
  • Analytics

What Made it Successful

  • Unprecedented graphic detail
  • Easy-access to application using just your native smartphone web browser
  • High engagement with over 1:30 average play time inside “The Lineup” experience
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