NEXT/NOW Lab: UBoat Multitouch Application

Liquid-smooth, Multitouch Application

Exhibit Activation

Something about most interactive touchscreens always bothered us–nearly every content example we ran across at exhibits and museums felt vaguely like a 1992 website–a ton of onscreen buttons and clumsy animation. Meanwhile, we are all running around with liquid-smooth, multi-touch iPads. Something was missing, so we created our Tactiq™ multi-touch software platform for large video screens, from 32 inches to 150 inches.

During development, our mantra was, ‘make everything smmoooooth’. So now, with Tactiq™, swipe, drag, and tap functions finally allow users to control brand-based, video-game like experiences, complete with non-stuttering, flowing transitions and animations, 3 dimensional product demos, and intuitive, fun, navigation.