The Technical artist at Next Now is the bridge between Art and software development. They are both strong content creators as well as natural problem solvers. The technical artist provides needed support through art asset creation and technical support through optimization and engine implementation, as well as low intermediate -level programming support through the creation of custom scripts and other useful toolsets to aid the creative process. Responsibilities

Work with the 3d team, Design team and Engineering/Development team to identify ways to increase efficiencies in production pipelines and identify risks or flaws in proposed and existing pipelines

Propose solutions and optimize content for memory and performance concerns on all our current platforms


  • Develop and maintain art asset pipelines, and collaborate with the Art team to optimize workflows,
  • Be proactive, and develop and implement new ideas/solutions to problems as they arise.
  • Assist in various areas of game art production to help assure the timely delivery of the product.
  • Take the initiative to identify, prioritize, call-out, and suggest solutions to problems both big and small.
  • Regularly playtest builds and provide professional feedback to the team on how to improve our games.
  • Help ensure feature interfaces are implemented and displaying properly
  • Help the team develop workflows and standards for efficient content generation
  • Support the team in debugging issues with the game, tools, etc.
  • Help drive framerate and memory optimization of the game
  • Work within all the art department to ensure all dependencies are met
  • Create art assets that require high technical skill or specialist knowledge
  • Timeline based Animation Skillset (UI, VFX)
  • Experience with Unity and Unreal User Interface framework for both VR and AR applications