Interior shot of the ABB Robotics Customer Experience Center by Next/Now

A custom-crafted showcase of robotic innovation

Custom Fabrication

AV Installation

AV System Design

AV Procurement

Project Management

Lighting Design

ABB Robotics, a leader in electrification and automation, aimed to transform its Customer Experience Center into an immersive space that highlights its innovative solutions. Next/Now designed and implemented the custom fabrication and AV installations that enhanced the dynamic environment, aimed at boosting customer engagement and highlighting ABB’s technological advancements.

In ABB's interactive showroom, a man observes a video wall, two men examine a robot, and a man watches a women use a VR headset

Spatial Solutions

As ABB’s fabrication and AV installation partner, Next/Now was responsible for supplying custom-crafted elements for the Robotics Room across five categories: structured SEG walls, pedestals, direct view LED wall, supplemental down lighting, and wall graphics.

A man and a woman stand on either side of a podium displaying a robot, observing the surrounding wall graphics and mounted digital displays
Three men interact with different elements of the experience center's VR studio
Robot refurbishing showroom pedestal displays a half-restored robot

Ensuring Excellence

In managing this project, Next/Now oversaw every aspect from initial site visits for accurate measurements to crafting detailed design schematics and strategic placement of wall graphics. Final testing and quality control on-site guaranteed seamless functionality, complemented by comprehensive documentation and training sessions to empower ongoing management post-installation.

Three men stand chatting in front of the rightmost of two robot display pedestals, with informational wall graphics behind the displays and an LED video wall to the right

The Result

This collaboration between Next/Now and ABB Robotics successfully transformed the Customer Experience Center into a captivating innovation space. By seamlessly blending technology, design, and functionality, the bespoke environment sets a new standard in client engagement and showcases ABB's commitment to innovation and excellence.