Person on treadmill backlit with the orange glow of a large LED display

Challenging guests to find their 'Faster Than'

3D Design

Custom Data Capture



IoT Software Development

Looking to directly engage consumers at retail locations, three Adidas flagships brought ‘Faster Than’ to life in an immersive treadmill experience. Guests trialed the new SL20 and Ultraboost20 shoes in a 45-second interactive journey on self powered treadmills. The experience featured real-time metrics on speed and distance while taking the user through a visually dynamic branded virtual environment.

Adidas storefront window on the second floor of an outdoor mall in California with man leaning against the railing
Two treadmills flanking an LED screen displaying space-themed content
A man running on a treadmill with a woman standing beside him tracking his data on a tablet
A street scene in cartoon style with oversized paper airplanes flying overhead
A close-up of a tablet displaying a stylized stopwatch for Adidas pop-up
dramatically lit treadmills with large orange tube lights reflecting off the dark floor

The Result

Customers left more confident with their decision after being given the opportunity to test the shoes in a more real-world scenario, while Adidas received valuable user data regarding their new footwear before releasing them to the larger market. By the end of the campaign, Adidas was able to capture hundreds of footwear trials and track direct shoe sales per result.