An engaging interactive portal to other worlds

Motion Tracking

3D Design

Hardware & Maintenance


User Experience (UX)

NEXT/NOW was commissioned to create four immersive and interactive scenes for Boston Children’s Hospital’s iconic LED lobby display. The massive 16′ high installation sits directly in front of the main entrance to the hospital and serves as a calming welcome for many BCH visitors. Our experience takes guests on a journey through lush rainforests and underwater scenes, to outer space and beyond. Motion capture and procedural animation work together to beckon guests forward and encourage constant engagement.

Accessible, inclusive design

Accessibility and inclusive design were at the core of the project's mission and always a key measure of project success at Next/Now. We implemented a user-centered, prototype-filled process to ensure our experience was able to include as many users as possible.


Research and prototyping

We worked iteratively to ensure our prototypes enabled every guest to have as similar an experience as possible. Ultimately, we created an experience that tracked motion and recognized interaction regardless of user height, disabilities, and all ranges of motion.


The Result

Our work with the Boston Children’s Hospital has won several awards for its excellent use of interactive media at scale. Among these was the Platinum MUSE Creative Award in the Experiential & Immersive "Community" category.