Reinventing the visitor center experience

Content Strategy




NEXT/NOW collaborated with the Smithsonian and Strategic Results to create an immersive digital visitor center. Through our Discovery and Concept Design process, we held key stakeholder workshops, developed a detailed content strategy, and created stunning web design and visual prototypes to establish the blueprint for production success.

An Experience to Scale

The centerpiece of our experience is a dimensional diorama of the Smithsonian campus that acts as an interactive trip planner. Selecting a museum will reveal microsites that guide viewers through videography, photography, and pertinent information with dynamic parallax scrolling. An interactive route planner will allow users to customize an itinerary for in-person visits.


Digital Architecture

Conveying a sense of the physical space of the Castle is a key component of the site’s design. As visitors scroll, they are moved throughout 3D space in and around the Castle to the other campus locations. Each area will be supported by high-definition videography, creating a sense of space for the user and captures the campus experience in a timeless, high-fidelity manner that is also user-friendly and compatible with accessibility features.


The Result

Through close collaboration, our team helped to define and develop the strategy, technical approach, visual style, and design systems for the upcoming Smithsonian Digital Visitor Center.