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Augmented Reality

Multi-touch Interactive

3D Design

Software Development

Located inside Jeld-Wen’s North Carolina headquarters, the Experience Briefing Center gives visitors a chance to learn, explore, and visualize the company’s immense catalog of products via several immersive touchpoints. The showroom utilizes a wide range of solutions, ranging from touch screen walls to AR product showcases. From start to finish, the experience is designed to immerse visitors in the Jeld-Wen brand by providing access to brand ethos, timelines, global reach, partnerships, instructional videos, and more.



Our immersive engagements needed to utilize cutting-edge technology to personalize the experience to each guest, showcase hundreds of products and multiple colorways, streamline the selection process. Our experiences showcased innovative VR, AR, and multi-touch interactives to aid in this product visualization and exploration process.


AR Product Visualization

Walking up to the various vignettes within the showroom, clients can visualize Jeld-Wen’s full variety of products in real time using a bespoke AR tablet application. The app allows you to change the product shape, color and features visible within each vignette, then take photos or select favorites to email to yourself for later reference.


The Result

By allowing users to quickly explore a wide range of offerings in a small footprint, the Jeld-Wen Immersive Showroom takes an innovative approach to data and product visualization. Our automated back end system automated follow-up contact with each guest, making sure the digital journey was always associated with a human to drive sales.