IUOE Experience Center

Building an informative and future-forward experience center.

Digital Content Design

Web AR

Custom CMS

Interactive Data Visualization

Software Development

Serving as a central hub for the entire North American continent, the International Union of Operating Engineers’ (IUOE) Training and Conference Center hosts hundreds of international engineers, site managers, and equipment operators daily. Next/Now was invited to help articulate the union’s story through a full renovation of the center’s lobby and common areas. New content gives an in-depth view into the history, achievements, and aspirations of the organization. It spans over a dozen digital touch points and supporting physical structures across two floors.

A story of scale and innovation

Members of IUOE have contributed to many of the greatest advancements in cities and building construction. Taking these innovative feats into account, each experience sought to mirror this mission in both content and function, utilizing interactive tables and Web AR.

Hand holds iPhone displaying interactive IUOE interface
Man interacts with Students at ITEC United States map data visualization on wall-mounted touchscreen display

An Ever-Evolving Form for a Fluid Story

All of the content created for the experience is hosted through a custom content management system. As IUOE evolves and their story continues to grow, this CMS empowers their internal team to add, remove, or update anything they may need, prolonging the lifetime of the exhibits.

A man stands in front of a timeline wall graphic, interacting with a wall-mounted touchscreen interface

The Result

The final result was a work which clearly and creatively celebrates IUOE’s members in every aspect: diversity, skillset, history, achievements and potential. The innovative use of web-based AR matches the progressive nature of the organization, while providing a sense of intrigue for new visitors.